Louise Andrews Kent

Louise Kent
Louise Kent

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1940 to Today

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A columnist and well-known cookbook writer. Worked to preserve the land and lore of early 19th century Vermont.

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Louise Andrews Kent was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, although she spent her summers in Calais, Vermont. She became interested in Vermont's heritage and tradition, and began to collect recipes from the area.

She received an education from Simmons College, going on to become a writer and columnist. She wrote for the Boston Traveler under the pen name Theresa Tempest. In 1912, she married Rich Kent and had three children with him.

Later in her career, she took on another pen name, Mrs. Appleyard, under which she began to author cookbooks. In 1941, she wrote, "Mrs. Appleyard's Year," in which she compiled and published Vermont and New England-based recipes. She published many volumes of cookbooks with recipes from the area such as "Mrs. Appleyard's Family Kitchen: A Treasury of Vermont Country Recipes" and "The Vermont Year Round Cookbook: Recipes for all seasons from Mrs. Appleyard's Kitchen". Louise Andrews Kent also wrote 16 books that were not compilations of recipes, including "The Brookline Trunk", "He Went with Drake" and "He Went With Marco Polo".

Kent's husband, Rich Kent owned the Kent Tavern in Calais, which Louise worked to preserve as a representation of rural Vermont life in the early 19th century. In the 1950's she served as chair of the Kent Tavern committee as a member of the Vermont Historical Society board. With the help of her family and neighbors, she also acquired many of the collections that furnished the Tavern.

Although she was not born in Vermont, Louise Andrews Kent fell in love with the rich culture of the state and played an active role in historic preservation of land and lore. She passed away in 1969, leaving a rich collection of fiction and non-fiction writings behind.

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  • Board of trustees of the Vermont Historical Society


  • Writer
  • Columnist
  • Recipe Collector
  • Vermont Historical Society board member


  • Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts

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