Miriam Boyce Herwig

Miriam Herwig Marks 40 Years As Writer for Herald
Miriam Herwig Marks 40 Years As Writer for Herald

Time Period

1940 to Today

Notable Facts

Writer of several long running magazine and newspaper columns. First woman on the Planning Commission of Randolph. Prominent local historian and preservationist.

Personal Information

Primary Residence

Randolph Center

Historical Significance

Miriam "Mim" Herwig has been a prolific writer and supporter of local historical efforts throughout the decades she has lived in Randolph Center, Vermont. She started as a writer for "The Rural New Yorker" where she was published at the age of 16. She met her husband, Wesley Herwig, through this publication. Miriam Herwig moved on to write a column for "Homemaker's Magazine" from 1947-1953. She also wrote the Weatherwise column for The Herald in Randolph for 25 years starting in 1979. During this time, she also became editor for the magazine produced by the Poetry Society of Vermont and eventually became its President.

Miriam and Wesley Herwig ran Greenhills Books, publishing 40 books, twelve of which were poetry. Miriam continues to compile and write books well into her eighties.

The Herwigs were also pivotal in historical preservation work done in the Randolph area and were members of the Randolph Historical Society for most of their adult lives, working together to start the Randolph Museum.

Organizations or Movements

  • Poetry Society of Vermont
  • Randolph Historical Society
  • Planning Commission of Randolph


  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Publisher
  • Historian
  • Historic Preservationist


  • Vermont Junior College, Montpelier, Vermont

Additional Information (Bibliography)

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