Ida May Fuller

Ida Fuller
Ida Fuller

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1940 to Today

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Everyday Life

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Recipient of the first Social Security check on January 31, 1940 for $22.54. Ultimately recieved $22,888.92 from the Social Security Department by the time of her death in 1975.

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Historical Significance

Ida May Fuller was the recipient of the first Social Security check on January 31, 1940 for a total of $22.54.

Ida Fuller, known as Aunt Ida, was born on a farm outside of Ludlow, Vermont. She went to school in Rutland and was a classmate of Calvin Coolidge. She worked as a school teacher, but became a legal secretary in 1905. Fuller never married and lived alone for most of her life. She worked under Social Security for three years, and filed her retirement claim on November 4, 1939. Her claim was sent to Washington, D.C. where it was forwarded to the Treasury Department in January 1940. Fuller's claim was the first one on the first list, making her the first recipient of a Social Security check. Her check number was 00-000-001, and was written out for $22.54. For the remainder of her long life, Fuller received monthly Social Security checks that totaled $22,888.92. This was quite the increase for someone who contributed $24.75 to Social Security while working. Fuller died in 1975.

Organizations or Movements

  • Social Security Administration


  • School teacher
  • Legal secretary.


  • Rutland, Vermont elementary school.

Additional Information (Bibliography)

  • Social Security History Link

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