Doris Eddy

Doris Eddy
Doris Eddy

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1940 to Today

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Agriculture, Business, Education, Sports

Notable Facts

Founded the Eddy Farm School for Horse and Rider in Middlebury, Vermont. Featured in a documentary film by Deb Ellis entitled, "Doris Eddy."

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Historical Significance

Doris Eddy was born on the Eddy Farm in Middlebury, Vermont in 1918. In 1956, Eddy inherited the farm from her father and started the "Eddy Farm School for Horse and Rider" (EFSHR).

The Eddy farm is 115 acres of land, one mile south of downtown Middlebury. The objective of the farm since its creation is, "To become a Center for Equestrian Education in order to teach all riders a safe, caring and informed understanding of the horse, and engender the skills and the sensitivities that create an enjoyable relationship between the horse and rider, whether for recreation, rehabilitation or competition." (

Since Eddy's death in 1998, the Eddy Farm School has been sold to the Vermont Land Trust, and the Vermont Historic Register has listed many of the barns on the Eddy farm. The facilities of the farm are open to riding events year round, as well being at the disposal of the the community.

In 1986, Vermont filmmaker Deb Ellis created a short documentary on Doris Eddy, entitled "Doris Eddy", which chronicled her life and contributions.

Organizations or Movements

  • The Eddy Farm School for Horse and Rider(EFSHR)


  • Equestrian
  • Riding Instructor
  • Farmer

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