Daisy Dopp

Daisy Dopp
Daisy Dopp

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1940 to Today

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Agriculture, Everyday Life, Writers

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Dairy farmer from Glover, VT. Wrote many articles about farm life and the local community for the Newport Daily Express. Farm was sold in 1970 and became the site of the Bread and Puppet Theater and Museum.

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Historical Significance

Daisy Dopp ran the 223-acre "Dopp Farm" in Glover, which her great-grandfather, John Sherburne, purchased in 1846. John L. and Daisy Dopp were dairy farmers. Their farm was on the main road for cattle herders traveling from Montreal to Boston. Although not an inn, the Dopp Farm was often open to the community for entertainment and in times of emergency.

Daisy Dopp is known also as a writer and historian. She wrote many articles for the Newport Daily Express, and recorded the daily events of her family's and neighbor's lives. Much of her writing was done in the early 1950's. Her work as been collected in a book, "Daisy Dopp's Vermont" (1983).

In 1970, the Dopps sold the Dopp Farm. Since this time, the Dopp Farm has been the site of the famous Bread and Puppet Theater. A political circus started in New York City in the early 1960's by Peter Schumann, Bread and Puppet is an outdoor theater/circus featuring large puppets. The Dopp Barn was made into a museum, and the art created by Schumann from 1975-1978 is known as the "Dopp Farm Period".


  • Dairy Farmer
  • Writer
  • Historian

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