Carrie Brown Coolidge

Carrie Brown Coolidge. Courtesy of:
Carrie Brown Coolidge. Courtesy of:

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Talented teacher and community activist in Plymouth area of Vermont. First female post mistress in Plymouth Notch, Vermont. Stepmother of President Calvin Coolidge.

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Born in 1857 in Plymouth, Carrie Brown Coolidge was a descendent of a Revolutionary war soldier, Lt. Bowman Brown, who was an early Plymouth settler. Carrie Athelia Brown proved to be one of the brightest and most talented children in her town, as she took a strong interest in the great books and music of her time. She later attended Kimball Union Academy in Plainfield, NH and graduated as the salutatorian of her class. After graduation, Carrie Brown came back to Vermont where she began teaching school in Plymouth, Chester and Bellows Falls, eventually becoming the Superintendent of Schools for the town of Plymouth. In 1891, at the age of 34, she married the widowed Colonel John Coolidge and moved into the Coolidge Homestead. During the 1890's, the couple received weekly letters from their shy and dedicated son, Calvin Coolidge, who was at Amherst College. Carrie Coolidge saved over 80 of his handwritten letters, speaking of his great challenges with academics, friendships and love. Carrie Coolidge became a very important figure in Calvin's life, as they had much in common through their interest in local politics and their particular commitment to the town meetings held in Plymouth. Calvin Coolidge once noted that his stepmother was not only a mother to him, but also his teacher. In 1903, Carrie Brown Coolidge became the first woman post mistress of Plymouth Notch, Vermont. She taught Sunday School and also coached children of her town to create plays to enrich and entertain their community. She often entertained these local children at the Coolidge Homestead with piano performances and a plate of cookies and milk. In 1920, Carrie Brown Coolidge passed away and was buried in the Plymouth cemetery.


  • Teacher
  • Superintendent of Schools
  • Postmistress


  • Kimball Union Academy, Plainfield, New Hampshire

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Carrie Brown Coolidge's Garden
Carrie Brown Coolidge's Garden