Malvine Cole

Cornell University
Cornell University

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1940 to Today

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Government / Politics, Writers

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Prolific journalist who contributed to the New York Times, Washington Post, and national magazines on a regular basis. Patron of the arts and a public relations director for many Vermont organizations. State representative from Stratton in 1955.

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Historical Significance

Malvine Cole attended Cornell University where she received her B.A. in English in 1934. Her talents and ambitions have brought her into the fields of writing, public relations, and politics. She has written for various national newspapers, including the Washington Post and the New York Times. Her articles have been published in many magazines such as Vermont Life, New York Times Sunday Magazine, and Atlantic Monthly.

Following her divorce in 1952, Cole pursued a career in public relations, and worked for a variety of organizations, including: Norwich University, the Vermont Maple Industry Council, and Stratton Mountain Ski Development. Her interest in politics was sparked in 1941 when she began a war nursery in Washington, D.C., but her Vermont political career began in 1955 when she was elected State Representative from Stratton. She served in various elected offices on the town level, but she failed to gain the State Senate seat in 1957. In 1968 she was a delegate to the New Party (founded by Dick Gregory) convention.

Organizations or Movements

  • Organized the Offski Theatre in Stowe (1968)
  • Artistic Director of the Community of Performing Arts (COPA) in Ripton
  • Public relations director of the Weston Playhouse


  • Free-lance writer for N.Y. World Telegram, Christian Science Monitor, N.Y. Times Sunday Magazine, Vermont Life and other publications since 1934
  • news reporter for the Washington Post and the Washington Times Herald, 1935-37
  • correspondent for the Bascom Timmons News Bureau, Fairchild Publications and the New York Times Bureau, 1937-40
  • Fawcett Publications correspondent, 1941-45
  • Rutland Herald columnist, 1954-55
  • published articles in the Atlantic Monthly, 1965-66
  • wrote and produced "The Drama of Lincoln", N.H. for the Lincoln bicentennial Celebration in 1964.
  • Public relations positions: Henry Vail's Gubernatorial Campaign (1954-55), Norwich University (1955-56), Vermont MS Society (1957), Vermont Maple Industry Council (1957-61)
  • A. Luke Crispe Congressional (1958) and Gubernatorial (1960) campaigns, Stratton Mountain Ski Development (1956-61), and the Philip H. Hoff Gubernatorial Campaign of 1964.


  • B.A. in English from Cornell University (1934)

Additional Information (Bibliography)

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