Elizabeth Clark Clewley

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One of the earliest women to graduate from medical school in Vermont. Practicing pediatrician in Burlington since the age of twenty-nine. Part of Project Hope in Peru, an organization that works to provide health care to people around the world.

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Historical Significance

Elizabeth Clark Clewley, known as Betsy, attended the University of Vermont and graduated from the University of Vermont Medical School in 1956. She was one of two women in her class and was influenced by her father and her grandfather, who had both been doctors. After graduation, she interned at Buffalo General Hospital before completing her pediatric residency in Des Moines, Iowa and at the University of Colorado. At the age of twenty-nine, she made the decision to enter practice with her father in Burlington, Vermont and continued practice with him until his death nine years later. She then spent time in Central and South America practicing medicine with Project Hope, an organization that works to make health care available to people, particularly children, around the world.

She married Dean Clewley, a physics researcher with the Chemistry Department at the University of Vermont. Together they have had two daughters, and Clark continues her pediatric practice while serving on the University of Vermont's Medical School Admissions Committee.

Organizations or Movements

  • Project Hope in Peru (1962)
  • University of Vermont Medical Alumni Association
  • Burlington Cancer Relief Association


  • Camp counselor at Camp Hochelaga
  • Intern at Buffalo General Hospital
  • Pediatric Residency in Des Moines, Iowa
  • Residency at the University of Colorado
  • Project Hope in Peru (1962)
  • Pediatrician


  • University of Vermont (1953)
  • University of Vermont Medical School (1956)

Additional Information (Bibliography)

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