Beverly Ann Farnham Cayia

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1940 to Today

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U.S. Army: 1972-1975. Disabled veteran.

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Historical Significance

Beverly Ann Farnham joined the U.S. Army in 1972, and had basic training at Fort McCullen in Alabama. She received medical training as a "Social Worker Tech" at Fort Sam, Houston, Texas. She served at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where her primary duty was to evaluate whether Vietnam veterans, home from the war, were fit for duty. She married a Vietnam veteran while serving at Fort Sill. She was sent to Kent State University as a Army recruiter, after a year at Fort Sill. This was after the Kent State shooting, which made for a very stressful situation.

According to Beverly Farnham Cayia, serving in the military during the Vietnam era was extremely difficult. She succinctly described that time: "My military service has been an emotional struggle for me. It has also given me a bond and a respect for my fellow soldiers that is constant and eternal." Cayia received awards for good conduct and a Recruiter's Gold Star. She served in the Army until 1975.

Organizations or Movements

  • American Legion
  • Disabled American Veterans
  • Barre Congregational Church


  • U.S. Army: 1972-1975
  • Worked at Car Dealerships, Offices, Community Action Housing (selling insurance), real estate, etc. Disabled veteran.


  • Graduated from Spaulding High School 1972
  • Attended Kent State University

Additional Images

Beverly Farnham Cayia and brother
Beverly Farnham Cayia and brother
Beverly F. Cayia at basic training
Beverly F. Cayia at basic training