Effie Merle Bashaw

Bashaw, Effie

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Arts, Medicine

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Red Cross Army nurse in World War I. Ran hospital unit in South Puerto Rico Sugar Company for 21 years before returning to Enosburg, Vermont. Prolific photographer of WW1 scenes.

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Historical Significance

Effie Bashaw was born in Montgomery, Vermont but moved at the age of three, after her mother died, to the Hopkins homestead, which still stands in the northeast corner of Enosburg. She was a nurse by training. During World War I, Bashaw served as a Red Cross army nurse in charge of a hospital unit in Riems, France. Her letters to her mother during this period reflect her desire to reassure her that she was in good health and safe, as opposed to reporting on the grim side of the war. She took numerous photographs during this period, and, in some cases, these reveal the destruction and despair that undoubtedly were being felt by everyone. After the war, Bashaw was in charge of the hospital unit of the South Puerto Rico Sugar Company for 21 years. She eventually returned to Enosburg. She died March 1984, nine months short of her 100th birthday. A newspaper photograph shows her at a 1980 Memorial Day dedication ceremony in Enosburg Falls. There is a substantial collection of Bashaw's items from the WWI era on display at the Enosburg Historical Society.

Organizations or Movements

  • American Red Cross


  • Photographer
  • Nurse

Additional Information (Bibliography)

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