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encamp webEvery year we're pleased to welcome living historians who make Vermont's past come alive!

Here is one group seen at Expo 2016:

Compagnie de Chevalier de Levis

004resizeLevis (pronounced Leevee) was second in command to Montcalm during the French and Indian War. At Montcalm's death he became Commander of the French Forces.

The "Compagnie de Chevalier de Levis" is a group of Vermont Living Historians dedicated to presenting the pre-Revoluionary 18th century history of what was to become Vermont. Members of the group shared lifeskills of the time including cartography (map making), handstitching, shingle making, 18th century foods and herbs. Visitors also heard of the trials that our early settlers, English, French and Native, faced as they settled in the Green Mountains.