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Vermont History Explorer

encamp webEvery year we're pleased to welcome living historians who embody eras in Vermont's past.

Here are the ones you'll see at Expo 2014:

Comtu Falls Sanitary Commission

SewCircle webMeet the women of the Comtu Falls Sanitary Commission and find out more about our home front efforts. 

Women played a strong role in the Civil War. On the home front they canvassed neighborhoods for donations, raised funds, and sewed and knit everything from blankets to uniforms to socks and mittens.

Vermont women organized Soldiers’ Aid Societies, local branches of the New England Women’s Auxiliary Society that was the regional arm of the United States Sanitary Commission, the “Red Cross” of the time. More than 1,500 of these groups in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and collected literally tons of supplies. 

Green Mountain Military Vehicle Club

militaryvehicle webThe Green Mountain Military Vehicle Club is an organization of over 65 military enthusiasts interested in the restoration, preservation and safe operation of historic military vehicles. GMMVC's 200 "steel soldiers" provide New Englanders unique opportunities to experience "rolling history" with a first-hand inspection.

At the Vermont History Expo, you'll see the group's military encampment, with sleeping accommodations for an officer and an enlisted man, radios and an artillery fire direction control display, photographs, and selected military vehicles.

Benjamin Whitcomb's Independent Corps of Rangers

Come visit the members of Whitcomb's Rangers as they present an authentic portrayal of an actual Continental Army Ranger unit during the American Revolution. Although the attire and equipment (or lack thereof) as well as the mission of a Ranger may differ from that of a typical Continental soldier, the group nevertheless represents a Continental military fighting force and is respected throughout the reenactment hobby for its authenticity as well as its demonstrated scouting and skirmishing ability and light infantry skills.