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Vermont History Explorer

The Vermont History Expo has earned the reputation for having topnotch musical and dance performances!

FiddlinFunAtExpoYou can hear the music as you stroll around the fairgrounds! Enjoy lovely harmonies while you visit exhibits and demonstrations—or pull up a seat and watch while you enjoy a picnic or just rest awhile. We share music on two stages: the Gazebo in the main area of the fairgrounds, and on the hill near the log cabin and crafters.

Music schedule: Saturday

Saturday, June 21, 2014


10:15 am     Matt Witten, Lake Champlain Museum's "Champlain Troubadour"
11:15 am     The Zeichners & Young Tradition Vermont–Special Family                                          Performance with Instrument Petting Zoo Demonstrations!
1:30 pm       The Speckers
2:30 pm       Susannah Blachly & Two Shoes Off
3:30 pm       The Zeichners & Young Tradition Vermont


10:45 am     Susannah Blachly & Two Shoes Off
1:15 pm       The Ed Larkin Old Time Contra Dancers
2:15 pm       Matt Witten, Lake Champlain Museum's "Champlain Troubadour"
3:15 pm       The Speckers

Music schedule: Sunday

Sunday, June 22, 2014


10:15 am      The Michele Fay Band
11:15 am      The Zeichners & Young Tradition Vermont - Special Family                                          Performance with Instrument Petting Zoo Demonstrations!
1:30 pm        Woodchucks' Revenge
2:30 pm        Robert Resnik & Marty Morrissey
3:30 pm        Sugarhouse


10:30 am     Robert Resnik & Marty Morrissey
11:30 am     Sugarhouse
1:15 pm       The Zeichners & Young Tradition Vermont
2:15 pm       The Michele Fay Band
3:15 pm       Woodchucks' Revenge

About our musicians

The Ed Larkin Old Time Contra Dancers — Founder Ed Larkin organized the group in 1934 "to foster and perpetuate the Contra Dance." The group performs the dances just as Mr. Larkin taught them and is the oldest organized contra dance group in the United States.

Matthew Witten, Lake Champlain Museum's "Champlain Troubadour" — Matthew tells stories and sings songs in ways that actively and joyfully engage the audience! His program includes sing-alongs with the guitar, banjo, or accordion; "move-along" a cappella songs, and stories that involves the audience. Matthew's songs and stories encourage respect for nature and acceptance of a wide range of people's feelings and foibles. This local entertainer is gentle and raucous, innovative and traditional, silly and sincere.

Michele Fay Band — This captivating ensemble features original and Americana music from Vermont that appeals to a wide range of audiences. Michele's heartfelt lyrics are woven seamlessly together and delivered in a crystal clear, authentic voice. Her band is a perfect match for Michele, adding to the charm and sincerity of her songs without detracting from their earnest messages. Doug Reid's fiddle provides a sweetness of tone that is brilliant and polished, while Michael Santosusso's upright bass adds dynamic beat and perfectly matched harmonies. Michele's husband, Tim Price, contributes ideal melodic instrumentals on mandolin and guitar. The band's performances are energetic and unpretentious and its maturing musicianship is increasingly being recognized throughout New England.

The Zeichners & Young Tradition Vermont  This sibling trio features sisters Yasi on Irish and old-time fiddle, Loula on 5-string and tenor banjo, and brother Oliver on Uilleann pipes and tin-whistle. Originally from Budapest, Hungary, they have grown up and lived in the hill country of central Vermont and Northfield where they have connected deeply with their own musical traditions. Practically everything they know has been derived from exposure to the traditional and roots music that is carried on in the area by many terrific musicians locally. The Zeichner Family Band is a testament to Vermont's place as a crossroads for traditional music where a new generation of players can find an "in," and get what they need to grow their music and thrive.

Robert Resnik & Marty Morrisey — Robert hosts All the Traditions on Vermont Public Radio each Sunday, imparting his knowledge of music traditions all over the world. Here with Marty, the two bring a trunk-full of traditional instruments, from penny-whistle to accordion, and the sounds of the sea and lands of the North Country, Canada and British Isles.

The Speckers — An old-time family trio comprised of legendary fiddler John Specker and his two daughters Lila and Ida Mae. The Speckers play traditional American music as its never been played before, taking a stand for honest, fresh music-making, The trio's recordings convey the energy of a live performance but nothing beats the way this father/daughter band drives a flesh and blood audience to near frenzy. As John is fond of saying, "We can take you there but we can't promise to bring you back." With The Specker family band on stage, the ordinary laws of time and gravity are suspended. Get out your dancing shoes and prepare to levitate!

Sugarhouse — please check back—bio to come soon!

Susannah Blachly & Two Shoes Off — A contemporary folk fusion featuring old-time tunesmithing, world-beat percussion, and three-part vocal power. Immersed in the joy of northern New England's rich musical traditions, Vermont's Two Shoes Off fuses the well-loved sounds of fiddle, guitar and mandolin with percussion and fine vocals, bringing to the stage a blend of old-time jamming, Celtic melodies, American song styles and world-beat rhythms. With original writing as their foundation, Two Shoes Off offers a fresh approach to traditional music that is by turns fun, funky and deeply moving. Two Shoes Off members include Susannah Blachly, George White, Dan Haley & Carter Stowell.

Woodchucks' Revenge — Formed in front of the fire on a winter's night in 1990, Woodchucks' Revenge brings together as a performing group three friends who have combined their lifelong love of music to offer their audiences of all ages an eclectic and refreshing mix of traditional and contemporary folksongs played with spirit and an old-time country sensibility. The Woodchucks' encyclopedic repertoire, ranges from New England fiddle tunes to modern cowboy songs, from Irish ballads to '60s folk, from blues to bluegrass. Songs about Vermont, mountains, and life in New England are staples of the group's performances, along with a healthy dose of humor and a small but growing number of originals. The Woodchucks have performed throughout Vermont and the adjoining states and in Wyoming and colleges and community events and festivals, in coffehouses and summer concert series, country fairs and bluegrass festivals, as well as the New England Folk Festival (NEFFA), and the Northeast Music, Arts and Dance Festival (NOMAD). They have performed on Public Radio in Vermont and New York, as well as local access television.