Community History Partnership—bridging communities together, one story at a time

Community History PartnershipThe Community History Partnership (CHP) program began in 2001 as a way to support collaborations of local historical societies and schools in their communities. CHP helped them find ways to tell the stories of local community history so they could be preserved, cherished, and passed on to the next generation.

There was no one single template for these working relationships. Each community chose how their partnership would unfold, and, with added support of the Vermont Historical Society, each group created projects and programs that were in line with the character of their community.

We offer these summaries of CHP projects as models your town, school or local historical society can use to save your community's stories.

With the links below, you'll find information on projects from various schools, the methods they used and the final results.

You can view the projects by project subject, or by community name.

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Project subject: town and community history

Community History PartnershipA town and its community go through vast changes from the time of its inception to the present. These students studied the history of their communities.

Project subject: historic objects and places

CHP3Often you can find a place or object that holds a special place in the heart of the town. These students studied the history of these special objects or places.

Project subject: notable individuals

Community History PartnershipEvery member of a town's community is important, but sometimes a truly exceptional individual stands out among the rest. These students studied the history of these notable individuals.


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