Did you participate in the recent Women's March in either Washington, DC or Montpelier, VT? Did you have a great sign? We are happy to collect those signs or other ephemera for potential inclusion in our permanent collections. Here are some details:

1. Signs from either the Montpelier, VT march or from Vermonters who marched in Washington welcome.

2. We would prefer signs that are more Vermont "specific", and/or that are specifically themed for this event. Signs created by children are also welcome.

3. Signs can be dropped-off during regular business hours (9:00am-4:00pm, M-F) at the History Center in Barre, 60 Washington St

4. Include your name, address, email, phone when dropping off your sign(s).

5. We would also like to have a photo of you/someone with the sign and information about your experience with the march. Photos (3 maximum) and other information can be emailed to

6. Signs dropped off may not be accepted into the permanent collection. Any not accepted into the collection will be disposed of and will not be returned. If your sign(s) are selected for the collections, we will send you follow-up materials. All items (including digital materials) become property of the Vermont Historical Society without restrictions.

Even if you don't want to donate your sign (or have already recycled it), we encourage you to document your experience- whether that's a diary/journal entry, blog post, scrapbook, video blog, etc. The history of tomorrow is created today.